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Soothe the body, Free the spirit


CBD is a natural remedy and may relax and calm people with anxiety disorders, PTSD, and stress. Many use it as a pain reliever, for upset stomachs, and as a sleep aid.

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For some, the soothing power of enchantment contains an irresistible amount of charm, fantasy, and mystical power. Crystals have their own healing powers.

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A spiritual awakening, or enlightenment, is an experience most people consider the most significant of their lives. Our unique merchandise, and apparel, reflects this.

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Let there be enchantment

Shaun Berbert started his business, Enchanted Planet, in 1994, when his enlistment with the Marines ended. Knowing many veterans’ suffer from anxiety and stress, providing natural products at both locations, give our valued customers, added convenience.

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Crystal Stone

bonnaroo ticket holders

Bring in your ticket or stub, and receive 10% Off at Enchanted Planet!
Only 3 miles from the festival, we offer a variety of CBD, Vape Pens, Gummies, Clothing, Tapestries, Incense, Crystals, Buddhas, Sage….

10% Off

When you purchase an Enchanted Planet Club Shirt, you save 10% every time you wear it into the store.  We also give 10% off to our men and women who served our country, our Veterans!


Enchanted Planet is a World Gift Emporium with something unique for everyone. We offer festival clothing, tapestries, incense, candles, jewelry, hats, essential oils, glass, and accessories.

We are located near the square in Murfreesboro, at 525 SE Broad Street. Stop by and see all the products or call for availability.

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In 2014, we opened our second store located in Manchester, TN. Located close to exit 114 off I-24, at 26 Sitz Drive, our store’s location is convenient, easy to access, and close to the Bonnaroo festival grounds.

We are helping to support the arts and music in our communities and enjoy meeting our loyal customers.

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